FAST after Violence

January 8, 2008 by

I reported about FAST-NUCES under attack after Benzair Death, recently I came across these pictures from Azim’s Blog , it is really sad to see all this happening to our beloved university. Here I must appreciate the efforts of FAST Administration that they started the repair work and there is no delay in upcoming semester registration. More Pics are uploaded here

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FAST-NU Alumni Network (FAN)

January 5, 2008 by

Congratulations to all Fastains, this is our first official web portal for all alumni of FAST-NU.

Now we can interact in more organized manner. This is really a great job done by the management of FAST-NU.

For more information click here.

FAST-NUCES under attack

December 28, 2007 by

Due to current Violence in Karachi, FAST-NUCES Main Campus is under attack too. A gang broke into the campus and destroyed the entire place. Don’t know why they are targeting educational institutes, I heard about Drama at Textile Institute of Pakistan that student got trapped; I hope they reach their homes safely. Why do people start acting like animals? What will they get? They are damaging the future of young grads. What I heard from different sources that the mob broke the PCs, took away the documents and set the place on fire.

I will update as soon as I get more information. Allah (SWT) help our university, help our nation.

MulazamatTV Acquired by a foreign firm for more than Rs.2M – well done guys!

December 27, 2007 by

Two fastian, Ali Raza Shaikh and Tahir Raifque Awan, implemented job tv and created a unique portal for employers and employees. This protal helps hiring process easy, effective and fast.

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to All Fastains around the world

December 21, 2007 by

MulazamatTV could disrupt the online job boards market

November 27, 2007 by


Here is a small company from Karachi that has found a great idea with market need. MulazamatTV is a “Video Job Portal” website that provides employers and employees a richer way of presenting themselves and standing out in today’s hype-competitive hiring market.

The trouble with current job boards, as I have previously pointed out, is that on job boards I am just one company name among a sea of company names on a webpage – no one can really discover my company or get to learn about it uniquely.

Even with the best copywriters behind me, my chance of my job getting appropriate attention is miniscule. It is just from simple laws of media – the more content there is, the less attention…

Want to read more? Click here for the full article.

PEC recognizes FAST-NUCES

November 26, 2007 by
I am pleased to inform you all that Pakistan Engineering Council has

recognized both the Telecommunication Engineering and Computer

Engineering program of the previous batch 2003 and the present batches

as well.

The students of the 2003 batch can now apply for PEC recognition.

Congratulations to the faculty, staff and students on this great

achievements. I must congratulate and mention here the efforts of Dr.

Asim ur Rehman, Dr. Shahid Shaikh, Dr. Imran Tasadduq (the heads

who saw these transformations) and other senior colleagues on this

achievement. It was a team work.


Meet Jawwad Ahmed Farid

November 25, 2007 by


Jawwad Jawwad is the Chief Executive and Actuary at Alchemy Associates, a fast growing boutique risk management and financial advisory firm. He is a Fellow Society of Actuaries, an MBA from Columbia Business School (New York City) and a computer science graduate (FAST ICS). During the last thirteen years, he has worked as a consultant in North America, Pakistan and the United Kingdom with a number of blue chip clients including Hartford Life, Aegon, American General, Goldman Sachs, ING, Manu Life, Safeco, Merrill Lynch, Met Life, Sun America, Nationwide, Phoenix Life, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Sun Life of Canada, Pacific Life, AllState, Fidelity Investments, Transamerica, Skandia, GE Financial Assurance, Lincoln National, Ohio National, AXA Equitable, Washington Mutual Bank, Riyad Bank, and Dubai Islamic Bank. His domestic client list includes State Bank of Pakistan, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Muslim Commercial Bank, Pakistan Kuwait Investments, Union Bank, Prime Bank, KASB Bank, Shell Pakistan, JSIBL and others.

Jawwad’s core areas of expertise include Asset/Risk Management, Investments, Contingent liabilities, Product design and development, Derivative instruments, the financial services Middle Office and the Basel Regulatory Frame work. He blends a rare combination of information systems, international standards, business and product development skill set side by side with his actuarial expertise. Some of his assignments include:

  • Design, development, marketing and deployment of an Enterprise Risk Management product that complies with domestic central bank’s Market Risk Capital as well as Basel (BIS) Risk Capital requirements for regional markets as per the 1996 amendments to the Capital Accord and the Basel II Guidelines as per the Revised Framework for Market, Credit and Operational Risk Capital. The product is now live at three midsize banks in Pakistan, has been exhibited at multiple regional technology shows and has won two industry awards.
  • Appointed actuary for the largest life insurance company in Pakistan with more than two billion dollars in assets under management, six million covered lives and branch network in Middle East and Pakistan. Responsibilities include oversight for valuation, regulatory reporting, investment policy, product development and portfolio management.
  • Middle Office Risk assessment, model validation, the central bank’s risk management framework and Basel II gap analysis for a number of domestic banks and treasuries in Pakistan with balance sheets ranging from five hundred million dollars to five billion dollars.
  • Design and conduct thirty workshops on Basel II, Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Interest Rate Derivatives, Currency Options, Portfolio Optimization and Interest Rate Modeling. Participants have included 600 plus senior banking and treasury professionals from client institutions in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE, with 630 logged instruction hours and an average score of 4 out of 5 on learning experience, facilitator knowledge, communication and market relevance.
  • Risk management and pricing consultations on Interest Rate Swaps, Interest Rate Caps and currency options transactions in the Pakistan to both payer and receiver counter parties.
  • Comprehensive analysis & extension of risk exposure measurement & management system for the hedge fund margin lending business of a bulge bracket investment bank and brokerage institution in Western Europe.
  • Review of capital adequacy rules and framework for insurance and reinsurance organizations in a financial services free zone in the Middle East.
  • Value added actuarial advisory services for employee benefit plans, life insurance companies and M&A transactions.
  • Initial feasibilities, projections, evaluation and business plans for traditional and micro pensions, micro insurance, low income housing finance, interest rate options, inflation indexed products, equity indexed products, foreign exchange, lifestyle ideas, mutual funds and insurance distribution solutions as well as their presentation in front of representatives of Multi-lateral Donor agency, project sponsors and boards of directors.
  • The launch of 100 plus tax advantaged savings products across 6 broker dealers, banks and 25 insurance carriers in 10 months in North America on a platform averaging 30,000 transactions per month with an average transaction volume of one billion dollars a month.
  • Product design of a Motor Bond product for retail and corporate customers combining elements of comprehensive automobile insurance, sinking funds, savings, risk sharing and claims management in Pakistan.
  • Product development and deployment of an industry wide information exchange, order entry, transaction processing, commission and money settlement platform standard within the financial services sector in North America.

For more information, please contact Jawwad Farid at:

Alchemy Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
103 – 104, 1st Floor, Amber Estate, Main Shara e Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 453 5712 – 3
Cell: +92300 251 9368

Old City Campus Pictures

November 25, 2007 by

I blogged about the City Campus of the Karachi Campus in my previous post with the new look and feel, here are some pictures of the city campus which was demolished to build the new one. City Campus is located at  22/G Block 06 P.E.C.H.S. Karachi.






Microsoft Innovation Centre

November 25, 2007 by

– A portal to discovery –

Microsoft Logo

The Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology – National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES) is one of Pakistan’s leading computer and technology universities. And now FAST-NU Karachi has reached a new milestone in the history of Pakistan – the establishment of an internationally sponsored university-based research centre.

In recognition of research activities at FAST-NU Karachi’s Centre for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC)*, Microsoft USA has entered into a research partnership with the University with the establishment of a Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) on the campus. This is the 72nd MIC in the world and the 1st of its kind in Pakistan. FAST-NU has also been included in the Microsoft Inspire Program, and can now invite researchers and scientists from abroad to work here. FAST-NU Karachi has the prestigious status of being a collaborating partner in Microsoft’s (Inc) ambition to become more involved in global education and a champion to the pursuit of knowledge

With the project well underway, on 15th March 2007 Dr. Zubair Shaikh formally announced the establishment of the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC). Several new developments and initiatives have been taken in this regard. This partnership will benefit the members of FAST-NU individually, and the University as a whole.

A Microsoft Innovation Centre is, at its core, a technology show case, housed within a university for the industry and community, with an objective to create a better industry-academia linkage. Unlike other industrial liaison models, the MIC is a quick, highly result oriented model. There are currently 72 on the “planet”, as Microsoft likes to say, and this is the first implementation in Pakistan.

The MOU was signed in mid 2006 and the project commenced in Oct 2006. The salient features of the MOU are outlined below:

  • The University will provide complete physical infrastructure facilities and human resource support to manage and administer MIC
  • Commitment from the faculty on Microsoft focused R&D
  • Microsoft will provide complete firmware, and documentation support
  • A joint executive committee comprising of researchers and academicians from FAST-NU, Microsoft, Local software companies and Pakistan Software Export Board Bureau acts as the chief executive body.

These are some of the many positive results that will come of this partnership:

  • Enhanced Academic-Industry partnership.
  • Introduction of latest technologies by Microsoft.
  • Trade Specific Training programs.
  • Grooming of faculty members.
  • Vertical integration of Microsoft technology in the curriculum, particularly in the senior projects.
  • Higher job market indicator for graduating students

It must be stressed that the research done here will not be exclusively Microsoft focused, but will be conducted in parallel with open research projects. It is envisioned that this will be a unique platform for comparison of solutions developed with Microsoft technology and those developed using independent technologies. One of the administrations aims is to promote student involvement in research, especially at the Bachelor level.

This collaboration with Microsoft is strictly not for profit. FAST-NU Karachi has committed prime space location at the City Campus, and Human support in the form of administrative and technical staff. Microsoft has made an equivalent commitment from in the shape of technology.

Among 2007 targets is a plan to house the MIC in a new, more spacious location to provide R&D solutions for Textile & Garment sector, and in the future this will be expanded to include other areas such as Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals and Agro-Informatics. Microsoft will further their commitment by matching with an equivalent contribution in the form of adding the necessary IT infrastructure support, HR Department and a Train-The-Trainer program.

FAST-NU Karachi has received an additional 6 acres of land near the Main campus. This land is to be developed to support ‘Technology Incubation Centers’, where researchers will be invited to work under excellent conditions.

Through these groundbreaking developments FAST-NUCES has reiterated its commitment to the advancement of the fields of Science & Technology. Research initiatives such as the MIC are the key to our progress as a people, and it is only through these that we can unlock our future and take our place among the leading nations of the world.

Currently Mr. Ayaz Ahmed, assisted by Microsoft Student Partner, Munir Usman, is spearheading the efforts to incubate a new culture at FAST Karachi, where students don’t wait for ideas to stroll by, but instead get up and go hunting for them, and it will be this determination to relentlessly pursue what is thought to be out of reach that will define the future alumni of FAST-NUCES KARACHI.

* CRUC was established by the Director of FAST-NU Karachi, Dr. Zubair Ahmed Shaikh a year ago; he is currently the principle scientist in this program